World Toilet Day

Can you imagine having a hygienic toilet without using any water?


Being creative here can solve the problem – an excellent example of this is the Mariposa Mountain School in the Dominican Republic. They established a compost toilet in their community based on a completely sustainable concept.

But why exactly is this system so beneficial?

Compost toilets consume and pollute no water and allow nutrient-based compost to be produced from human waste. In other words, they help close the food waste cycle that humans created.


The compost toilet is a dry system where all of the urine is separated and diverted through a hose and fed to an underground space far from the actual bathroom. The separation of urineis fundamental in significantly reducing the smell of the compost toilet and reducing the time needed for the composting process to occur.


Each time someone uses the bathroom, they must “flush” with a good amount of sawdust. The sawdust also helps to reduce the smell of the system and helps in the disintegration andcompost process.


After 8 months the humanure is ready to be used in the agricultural production of the farm.

This concept can be adapted to both small family homes as well as to larger community spaces.


Clever, right? Have you already thought of ways on making your toilet more sustainable?