Year-End Giving 2023: Give The Gift of Opportunity!

Exciting news!  🥳

As we slowly approach the end of 2023, many of us are more determined than ever to make a lasting impact on the projects close to our hearts. Our 2023 year-end giving is a powerful chance for you to give the gift of opportunity and create positive change! Like always, we guarantee that 100% of your donation reaches the project. We have put together a hand-picked selection of different projects in terms of budget, location, and focus. You can fund the entire project grant yourself or contribute an individual amount of your choice – it’s up to you! This year, for the first time, we are including projects from both our impact areas – Spaces and Talents 💥

Feel free to share our campaign with your friends and colleagues. Your support is always much appreciated.


Find what you really care about and give the gift of opportunity!
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