Yemen 1, Dhamar

Yemen 1, Dhamar

The permanent disruption of schooling across the country and the collapse of the education system have had a profound impact on the educational opportunities, development, and mental health of 10,6 million boys and girls of school age in Yemen. Seven years after the conflict began, 2,916 schools have been destroyed, partially damaged, or are being used for purposes other than teaching.

Completion of the Supplementary Building at AlWafa School

1 Month


Hayati Karamati e.V.

In the Beit Al-Hajri area, Hayati Karamati started building three classrooms and three girls’ toilets in the schoolyard to expand the school, as there were not enough classrooms for boys and girls. The area where the school is located is mountainous, and temperatures drop sharply in winter, making primary school students particularly vulnerable to flu and other diseases. Hayati Karamati is in the process of completing the construction of classrooms to provide better overall educational opportunities for the children. The construction of the classrooms and sanitary facilities is currently 80% complete. The worldwide increase in prices has had a significant impact on the cost of materials in Yemen, which made it impossible to complete the originally planned constructions. Due to the above factors, it is estimated that 5000 Euros will be needed to complete the construction works in the planned time.

The direct beneficiaries of this project will be the 150 students at the school. The indirect beneficiaries will be the 90 associated families.

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