Dominican Republic, Cabarete


In the Dominican Republic, education is mandatory at the primary, yet not at the secondary level. The Dominican Republic is facing several issues regarding its education. Overcrowded classrooms, poor-quality facilities, and outdated curriculums. Additionally, teachers are not paid enough, which makes teaching an unpopular job. This means that there is a high student to teacher ratio, which in turn leads to overcrowded classrooms.  

By using the Montessori method, supporting and collaborating with parents and training local teachers, 3MM has created a model for early childhood education that makes a difference.


During construction

After construction

Project Type

Construction of an open-air Primary School Classroom

Construction Period:
April 2022 – September 2022


46.000 €




3 Mariposas Montessori


Private Donor


This project is aimed at constructing the second of three classrooms for Primary School students who are three to six years old. The classroom will be a large open-air classroom. It will have:

  • An observation room for parents and visitors
  • A planning/storage place for teachers
  • A large covered terrace

The building materials will look as follows:

  • Floors: a mix of poured concrete and tiles
  • Roofs: zinc
  • Walls: blocks
  • Doors: wood

Overall, the classroom will measure 162 square meters.