Ecuador, Don Juan


After  a  two  year  period  of  school  closings, Ecuador’s  Ministry  of  Education  is  at  odds about  how  to  restart  school  curriculum  and education in general, especially in rural areas such    as    Don    Juan.    FAMM’s    library    — established after  the  April  2016  earthquake- remained  operational  during  Covid-19  and  its grassroots  connections  thrived.  This  was  the only   educational   resource available   in   the region, providing a safe space for children and adolescents.  The intercultural center and library does not replace the school nor  does  it  intend  to  be  an  extension  of  it. Rather, it    constitutes    an    extracurricular community  space  for  exchange  and  learning.

At  a  time  when  the  entire  region  is  debating how  to  recover  lost  time  and  space,  and  how to   reorient   the   efforts   of   communities   to improve education,  with  gender  equity,  as  a basis  for  sustainable  development,  Fundación A Mano Manaba stands out.

Before construction

After construction

Project Type

Training Workshop Building


Construction Period:
November 2022 – May 2023






A Mano Manaba (FAMM)




In August 2021, in the midst of the Covid Pandemic, Fundación A Mano Manaba  (FAMM)  celebrated  the high school graduation of 30 of  its  young  neighbours.  During  the  pandemic, this group went  through three years of night classes and distance learning while  keeping  up  with their day jobs and family responsibilities. After finishing high school, the young women and men of Don Juan need to  procure their financial autonomy.  With hopes for a better future, they have asked FAMM for practical training in order to respond to the skilled labor demand that is growing in the area.  Therefore, this  project envisions the  construction of a practical trades training workshop as such: Adjacent to FAMM’s current library  building,  on  the right side of the garden, FAMM will acquire the 300- square meter lot where they will continue the already tested  benefits  of  a  bamboo   seismic   resistance structure.  This new building will  house the training workshop  area, volunteer lodging,  2 bedrooms,  1 bathroom, and 1 warehouse to store machinery and tools.