Myanmar, Ata


According to UNICEF, Myanmar has made strong progress in increasing children’s access to education and improving the quality of education, yet many children remain out of school, and schools struggle to give young people the strongest start in life. 

Key challenges in Myanmar include limitations in the quality of education services at all levels of education and the number of qualified teachers, as well as weak school infrastructure and outdated teaching methods. In addition, protracted conflicts and emergencies are disrupting many children’s path to learning.

The village Ata is home to 500 families with approximately 400 school-aged children. Due to the lack of school buildings, many of them had to learn outdoors, exposed to the wind and weather. With the construction of the new school building, the children have a safe learning environment.

Before construction

After construction

Project Type

3 Furnished Classrooms + Lavatory

Construction Period:
Jul 2017 – Nov 2017


35.000,00 €




Stiftung Life




The school now provides an education to 150 children from kindergarten through the first four school years, and is part of the Branch High School in Ata, Kyauk Padaung Township. Stiftunglife, a non-profit organization that supports access to education for children in rural areas of the country, collaborated on the project.

The new school is part of Stiftunglife’s long-term-efforts for the community development in Myanmar. Due to the successful cooperation, the Acronis Foundation plans to support the organization’s school building projects in the future.