Namibia, Baumgartsbrunn


The Baumgartsbrunn Primary School hosts around 200 students from the Damara (Khoikhoigowab) language group. The Damara have a low social status in Namibia. Due to the enormous distances between villages and farms, Baumgartsbrunn is a boarding school where students and teachers stay during the school year.

The children stay in four hostels: young boys, young girls, older girls, older boys. Children in each hostel are cared for by a matron, and a kitchen team of 4 people. Together with Principal Ms Emgard Meroro, the school has a total of 9 teachers (6 women, 3 men).

During construction

After construction

Project Type

Renovation and extension of the boarding school

Construction Period:
Jan 2021 – April 2021


30.000 €




Pen Paper Peace


Private Donor


Baumgartsbrunn was founded in 1972 by German Steel entrepreneur Helmut Bleks, and was 2005 given to the Namibian state. Teacher salaries are provided for by the state, however, many necessary renovations, transport for students and teachers as well as specialized trainings (like computer skills) can only be realized with the help of private donors.

Primary school in Namibia covers 7 years of instruction, meaning that the age of the children ranges from 7 – 14 years.

Because of the missing resources, the school was several times in danger of being shut down, which would lead to the children being even more dispersed in a country that is very scarcely populated outside the cities and has very limited possibilities for children from poor economic background.