Nepal, Rajipur Chaumala


Nepal, despite having a well-developed school system, faces many problems in the educational sphere: lower-caste discrimination, lack of physical infrastructure, textbooks, a unified national curriculum, monolingual instruction, lack of constructive and critical pedagogical strategies, and more. Furthermore, poverty and social exclusion are major factors contributing to poor educational performance.

About 64% of adults are considered literate in the country. However, many children in remote villages do not have access to education past the primary level. Students often leave primary schools after they learn to read and write but without further education, these skills are easily forgotten. Moreover, the April 2015 earthquake and 2015 blockade destroyed schools and severely impacted the nation’s ability to keep its remaining schools open.

Before construction

After construction

Project Type

2 classrooms + 2 toilets

Construction Period:
Nov 2019 – Mar 2020


26.600 €




Build On




In November 2019, a group of Acronis employees went on a trek to Nepal to start the construction of a school building in one of the local villages. Volunteers for the project were chosen for their diverse backgrounds and geographies.

The school the team helped to build serves 122 children: 59 boys and 63 girls. The village earlier had an old wooden school building but its roof leaks, making studies impossible during monsoon season. Moreover, there were no sanitary facilities in the school and the whole building was no longer safe for use.

The team broke ground and started the construction process which was then completed by the community after their departure. All the travel expenses were paid by Acronis, not taken from their donations.

Despite the COVID-19 situation in 2020 the construction work continued and the school opened the new classrooms by the end of the year.