Senegal, Soupa Serere


Senegal’s educational system faces many challenges. While the country offers free, compulsory education up to age 16, many students drop out due to poverty and a lack of resources.

As a result, participation depends largely on the individual family’s prosperity. And, once children drop out it’s difficult for them to return for further education (be it academic or vocational).

A general inaccessibility of educational materials only worsens the situation. (E.g. only 25 percent of the population use the internet due to poor connectivity.)

Before construction

After construction

Project Type

New building with two furnished classrooms + toilets

Construction Period:
Nov 2018 – Mar 2019


26.117 €




Build On




Soupa Sérère is a village located at about 6km from the national road (Diourbel-Kaolack axis). Supported by the Acronis Cyber Foundation the construction of two classrooms and sanitary facilities was initiated in partnership with BuildOn. The community lives in a very remote region, far from big cities, and lacks essential infrastructure. The new school serves not only 140 kids of Soupa Serere, but is also attended by children from the nearest settlements, which have no schools at all.