Sierra Leone, Barbara


The Port Loco District in the Northwest of Sierra Leone is peaceful and politically stable. The region’s economy is mainly subsistence agriculture. There are some professional agriculture pilot projects for export, but they are mainly in the hands of foreign investors for export. Income is very low for most of the people (under $2 a day). Most jobs are informal and on daily wage limits. Around the airport and ferry, there are some hotels and travel-services but wealth does not seep through to the rural communities. The situation worsens as you distance from the Port-Loko-Road as the infrastructure in these areas is very poor.

During construction

After construction

Project Type

Construction of 6 sanitary facilities, 1 library and 2 offices

Construction Period:
June 2021 – August 2022


47.000 €




Forikolo e.V.




The Junior Secondary School Barbara is an existing and approved governmental school. The existing structure already in place is about to collapse. It was built by the community inexperienced in construction work in an effort to enable their children to get a higher education. A mixture of mud-bricks and cement has been used to set up the school, wooden sticks have been used to build the lintels, and the foundation sinks into the sandy ground. Termites attacked the foundation and the wood as well. Therefore, a new building is absolutely needed.