Tanzania, Bukoba


Rwemishasha B Primary School is located in Bukoba, Tanzania. Currently, a total of 1351 pupils (686 girls, 665 boys) visit this school with only 8 classrooms available, meaning the classroom/pupil ratio is at a tremendous 1:169.

Classes often need to take place outside, which is not only an inadequate learning environment, but unacceptable and nearly impossible during wet season or overwhelming heat.

Before construction

After construction

Project Type

Three new classrooms to be built

Construction Period:
Feb 2021 – tba


30.000 €




Jambo Bukoba


Private Donor


Whilst in need of an additional 14 classrooms to meet the required classroom/pupil ratio, Jambo Bukoba e.V. in cooperation with government and community are planning to build three classrooms at Rwemishasha B Primary School to take important steps towards a more sensible and supporting learning environment.

The community is highly involved in the project’s implementation. Very often, materials are collected by a lot of diverse community members, who appreciate the value of the project and the chance it entails for their children and therefore the future of the entire township.