Uganda, Kampala


In the region of the project implementation, older persons face numerous issues such as poverty, ill-health food insecurity, malnutrition, and poor shelter. Many financial institutions regard elderly people as as risky borrowers and therefore creditworthy. Although the African culture has a rich tradition of supporting older persons, it is also true that modernization is taking fast pace. As a result, many older persons cannot be sure of receiving the level of support they once expected from their children and relatives. Uganda Reach the Aged Association puts great importance on the idea of “lifelong learning” which we at EFK align with. So far, we have only supported school projects, and therefore young children. This project in Uganda is very special to us, as we now also support learning at older ages, therefore contributing to the idea of lifelong learning.

During construction

After construction

Project Type

First Floor of the Elderly Community Centre

Construction Period:
Dec 2021 – Jun 2022




Elderly People


Uganda Reach the Aged Association




Uganda Reach the Aged Association is a nationally recognized organization that has over 80 member organizations spread over various regions in Uganda. Since elderly people are oftentimes forgotten in governmental initiatives, the construction of this centre includes the establishment of a community centre for elderly people. This includes, among other things, recreational activities, re-skilling and employment assistance, and intergenerational programs.