India, Lucknow

India, Lucknow

India is listed as one of the five worst places for women worldwide. High rates of violence against girls and women prevail, both domestically and on the streets. India’s daughters feel unsafe, unequal, and unwanted. Girls comprise 59% of the 5.6 million out-of-school children in India and are forced to drop out of school just because they are girls. The majority of these are girls from marginalized communities. Despite substantial global efforts to enroll girls in school, girls’ educational completion rates remain low, and their learning outcomes are limited.

Science Lab at Study Hall School Kanpur Road

2 Months


Study Hall Education Foundation (SHEF)

This project aims to set up a high-quality science lab at the Study Hall School Kanpur Road. The project plans to equip the existing room with tools for physics, chemistry, and biology. Effective science teaching and learning involve seeing, handling, and working with real objects and materials. Students will receive hands-on experience through lab practicals, improving their reasoning skills and supporting their learning of theoretical concepts. Enabling access to a high-quality science lab from the beginning will help the students achieve their future aspirations.

The main beneficiaries of this project will be the children, especially girls, who attend Study Hall School at Kanpur Road. Having a science lab in the school will play a critical role in building this interest and encouraging student curiosity. It will also address the embedded gender divide in STEM. Students, especially girls, will learn, access information, and acquire basic laboratory skills along with the syllabus used by the school for its science classes.

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