Yemen, Dhamar


The most pressing issue that Yemen’s education sector is facing, is the since 2015 ongoing conflict in the country. More specifically, the constant attacks on students, teachers, and school infrastructure have a devastating impact on the country’s educational system. This in turn strongly limits the possibility for children to attain an education.

Apart from this challenge, Yemen can also not provide enough civil servant salaries, decreasing the accessibility of education as well.

Put in numbers, around 2 million children in Yemen are currently out of school as the humanitarian conflict situation continues to go on.

Before construction

After construction

Project Type

Construction of 3 classrooms and 3 bathrooms

Construction Period:
July 2021 – Jun 2022


45.613 €




Hayati Karamati


Private Donor


In the Beit Al-Hajri area, the residents built four classrooms in the schoolyard in order to expand the school and increase the capacity, as the classrooms are overcrowded with students, but the ceiling of classrooms was covered with remnants of old wood. The students sit on the floor of dirty classrooms in the absence of adequate lighting and ventilation.

Restoration and renovation of these improvised classrooms would require a great deal of effort and expenses and ultimately would not meet the purpose that school classrooms are supposed to meet. Therefore, the new construction of additional classrooms and bathrooms, constructed according to the design of the main building, is the most appropriate solution. The new construction definitely helps preserve the psychological health and physical safety of all students, educational staff, and employees.