Angola, Lépi


Today, less than 0.7% of Angola’s population attends university. This shows, that Angola’s educational system struggles in the earlier years of education as well. One of these issues is that there are not enough teachers nor classroom space. Therefore, the goal of this project is to provide an environment of protection and care for children so that they can fully develop.

Before construction

After construction

Project Type

School no. 48

Construction Period:
Jul 2021 – Jun 2022


22,400 €




World Vision Angola


Private Donor


School no. 48 is considered a temporary school though within the education system of Angola. Despite its provisional character, it has been established in the community since 2002 and struggles with immense difficulties to offer students effective and efficient learning conditions. There are approximately 400 students who also live around the school, which is why the improvement of this school is a priority to the community and the local organization to prove the importance of students‘ well-being.

Desired outcomes:

  • 400 children participate in the protection and comprehensive care project activities
  • All teachers at school no. 48 and caregivers of the students get trained in the care and protection methodologies of World Vision
  • The execution of these methodologies results in the improved well-being of children and their families, following the „child-friendly school“ initiative.