Indonesia, Suma Barat Daya


Sumba is part of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), which is made up of over 550 islands and is considered one of Indonesia’s most impoverished and underdeveloped regions. Most homes typically do not have electricity, running water, or adequate sanitation. People must haul water from long distances and many children lack the opportunity to have early childhood education or even go beyond primary school. These boys and girls have few opportunities to explore other options for their lives.

During construction

After construction

Project Type

Construction of 2 new classrooms with teacher’s office, construction of 2 toilet blocks

Construction Period:
April 2021 – July 2021


40.000 €




Happy Hearts Indonesia




SMP Wali Ate / Wali Ate Middle School accommodates 88 students consisting of 38 girls and 50 boys ranging ages 13-15 years old. Before construction, learning activities took place in an unsafe bamboo construction, which did not have a proper building structure nor a ceiling, which means that classrooms were exposed to weather conditions including extreme heat and leaks during the rainy season. Despite the unsuitable classrooms, all students and teachers were actively engaged in daily activities from Monday to Saturday.

Therefore, this project aimed at constructing three earthquake-resilient classrooms equipped with tables, chairs, and whiteboards. Additionally, it included the construction of two toilets, to accommodate the growing number of students.