Tanzania, Upper Kitete Village


Bonde la Faru Primary School is found in Upper Kitete Village, which is one of the five villages which makes Mbulumbulu ward. The population of the village as per 2012 National Population census is 5,198 people in 941 households. The village as of now has 1,447 children. The community in Upper Kitete Village has shown their zeal in the establishment of Bonde la Faru Primary School by constructing the current infrastructure. However, the school only had four classrooms for 429 students. Therefore, the construction of five additional classrooms was absolutely crucial.

During construction

After construction

Project Type

Construction of two new classrooms with teacher’s office, construction of two toilet blocks

Construction Period:
Nov 2020 – Apr 2021


62.675 €




Upendo e.V.


Private Donor


The Bonde la Faru Primary School population should be comfortably hosted within 10 classrooms (43 students per classroom). Construction of the five first classrooms started back in 2004. The community had gradually established the school to its status and was building one more classroom. However, these five classrooms were not enough as the students had to congest themselves in the available space to learn, though with difficulties. Therefore, this project was aimed at increasing the number of adequate and quality infrastructure. This way, more children are being supported by the school in a friendly environment.