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According  to  the  United  Nations Educational,    Scientific    and    Cultural Organization   (UNESCO),   Africa’s  current primary  school  enrollment  is  above  80%  on average,  recording  significant  increases  in elementary   school   enrollment   globally. However, the expansion in enrollment “masks huge disparities and system dysfunctionalities and  inefficiencies.”  Most African  education  programs  suffer  from  low-quality teaching and learning, inequality, and exclusion  at  all  levels.  The  lack  of  learning infrastructure   in   the   education   sector contributes to poor performance in education.

Barriers  to  quality  education  include  lack  of school facilities (where in some schools, there are more than 100 pupils in a classroom), lack of  enough  teachers,  and  lack  of  adequate school supplies and furniture such as books, desks, and chairs.

Before construction

After construction

Project Type

6 classrooms and 10 latrines


Construction Period:

November 2022- May 2023






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Mukomari  primary  school  serves  a  community  of over  10,000  people.  Of  these,  more  than  2,000 children are school-going, and yet, because of the lack  of  learning  facilities  to  accommodate  the learners, many parents have opted to enroll their children  in  schools  as  far  away  as  5  kilometers. Furthermore, the school has 7 temporary classrooms made of mud walls, which are  in  very  poor  physical  condition.  With  a population of 485 students, the average number of learners  per  class  is  53,  exceeding  the recommended 40 students per class. There are 10 toilets to be shared among the students, teachers, and support staff. The condition of the toilets is very unhygienic and is a risk factor for potential infections.

To address undesirable learning conditions and to make  a  meaningful  contribution  to  students  and the  community,  this  project  is  aimed  at constructing  six  additional latrines.