Cameroon, Buea


Currently, the majority of students in Cameroon lack a significant involvement in agriculture. Numerous schools in both rural and urban regions operate without a garden or farm, resulting in a disconnection between children and agricultural practices. Consequently, students have developed an indifferent attitude towards agriculture, perceiving it as an occupation reserved for those without formal education. Additionally, many children overlook the significance of understanding the origins of their food and the efforts exerted by local farmers.

To tackle this issue, the local organization United Action for Children Cameroon is preparing the next generation of farmers from an early stage.

The farm

After construction

Project Type

School Organic Vegetable Farm


Construction Period:
6 months


5.000 €




United Action for Children (UAC)




The primary aim of the project is to inspire and familiarize children with agriculture from an early stage. To accomplish this objective, the partner organization established a school vegetable farm and implemented poultry rearing at Jamadianle Nursery and Primary School, located in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. Through the introduction of gardening, poultry keeping, and farming, the children will not only gain various advantages but also acquire the knowledge and skills to generate income.

With this project:

  • 900 children have been equipped with skills in organic farming
  • 12 farm masters have been equipped with skills in running school gardens
  • 5 schools now own and run their own gardens