Tanzania, Kagera


With the abolition of school fees in 2001, the Republic of Tanzania edged closer to achieving universal primary education. However, in an environment lacking funds and infrastructure, the large and growing number of children attending schools has amplified challenges beyond the mere accessibility of schools. Students’ performance in primary school are worrisome. Moreover, repetition of school- year rates are high. This particularly affects poorer households, rural communities, and girls.

In Kagera, a region in North-Western Tanzania, such challenges are particularly acute. For this reason, this project will focus on addressing the needs of a school in this specific region.

Before construction

After construction

Project Type

2 classrooms with furniture


Construction Period:

December 2022- May 2023


31.650 €




Jambo Bukoba e.V.


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The  project  aims  to  enable  a  more  productive learning  environment  at  the  Kyerunga  Primary School in Tanzania’s Kagera region, thus inducing better  educational  outcomes.  The impact  is  achieved  by  constructing  three  new classrooms,  fully  furnished  with  30  desks  and blackboards. More adequate school infrastructure decreases  the  pupil  classroom-ratio,  allows  the children to concentrate better on lessons, and to receive   more   attention   from   the   teacher. Therefore, the project leads to higher attendance rates,   better   grades,   and   ultimately   better educational prospects beyond primary school.

This project is based on a participatory approach that  directly  responds  to  locally  identified  needs but   also   demands   shared   responsibility.